Born in 1982 in France. Works in the vicinity of Paris.

As an artist, I feel I belong to a world of emotions and aesthetics.

Academic background

I graduated in Painting from Amiens University Of Fine-Arts, France. During the course of my studies, I had the privilege to study Painting and Printmaking in L’Aquila Academy of Fine-Arts, Italy. 

Besides my artistic work and engagement, I am currently involved in a PhD specialized in Antique Roman Painting.


Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by Italian Renaissance and Baroque artists.Then, later, during my travels to Italy and my stays for working artistic purposes, I had the privilege to study in situ XVth to XVII th c. artists.cropped-20200214_122124.jpg

This rich and fascinating period in history is a constant reference in my work as well as in my researches about colours, compositions and aesthetics.

As a female and as an artist, I’m deeply connected to those who surround me and feel sympathy and concern for the human race in general. Moreover, I’m particularly sensitive to the development of feelings and emotions we all experiment some day or other. In this respect, and as a matter of consequence, my painting deals with introspection, compassion and humanism which sounds like an echo to our lives.